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Jørgensen, Christa1, Forfatter
Mortensen, Mille2, Vejleder
1Det Samfundsvidenskabelige Fakultet, Københavns Universitet, København, Danmark, diskurs:7001              
2Institut for Psykologi, Det Samfundsvidenskabelige Fakultet, Københavns Universitet, København, Danmark, diskurs:7012              
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Ukontrollerede emneord: Kreativitet diskursanalyse forhandling arbejdsgruppe organisation
 Abstract: There is a general lack of research in creativity, especially when it comes to live studies of how creativity emerges in groups and the process behind. In this thesis, I address this issue by examining how discursive practices influence the negotiation of creativity in a working group. It is based in an explorative, qualitative research in which four people working together is set to generate creative ideas in a creativity proces. Discourse analysis is used as the analytic method. The proces is being recorded on camera and this footage serves as part of the empiric material. After the creativity proces the group meets again to watch selected footage from the creativity proces, and the main focus here is to study the potential development in the discursive practice surrounding creativity.
In the second part of the analysis, I study when and why creativity did emerge. Here, my conclusion is that in these specific cases, the discursive practice is dominated by one discourse; the rational-based one. My argument is therefore that creativity becomes possible for the participants because the creativity generated inside this discourse is recognizable which means that it can be negotiated discursively as creativity. I also suggest the possibility that the two types of creativity - the one studied in analysis part one as potential creativity and the one studied in analysis part two as actual creativity – might have different potentials. Where as the first one mentioned could potentially change domains, the second one could probably be more reproductive.
Finally in part three I argument that potentially discursive change has happened or is under way. This because of one participant´s attempt to rearticulate the current dominating discurse while participating in the creativity proces. Also I argument that the dominating discourse is changing into a more creative one in the following focus group while the participants is watching selected footage from the creativity proces. This supported and influenced by the groups leader.
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 Type: Speciale
Alternativ titel: Forhandling og diskurser i arbejdsgruppen
Alternativ titel: The fight of creativity
Alternativ titel: Nagotiation and discourses in a work group
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Sprog: Danish - dan
 Datoer: 2013-09-02
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 Publiceringsinfo: København : Københavns Universitet
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 Type: Speciale
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