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Eldrup, Julie1, Forfatter
Zeuthen, Katrine2, Vejleder
1Det Samfundsvidenskabelige Fakultet, Københavns Universitet, København, Danmark, diskurs:7001              
2Institut for Psykologi, Det Samfundsvidenskabelige Fakultet, Københavns Universitet, København, Danmark, diskurs:7012              
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Ukontrollerede emneord: mentalisering, forførelse, psykoanalyse
 Abstract: The thesis contains a theoretical analysis of Peter Fonagy and Jean Laplanche’s understanding of sexual trauma, in terms of the theory of mentalization and the theory of generalized seduction. These theories are used to analyse the interview with author Kristian Ditlev Jensen, who was subjected to paedophile assaults as a child for 3 years. The thesis explores how Fonagy and Laplanche’s theories can be used to understand and explain the sexual trauma, exemplified by Kristian’s story. Finally, the thesis discusses how Fonagy and Laplanche’s theories contribute to a more nuanced understanding of sexual trauma from a clinical point of view.
Fonagy explains sexual trauma as a decoupling of the capacity to conceive mental states, which leaves the child unable to gain perspective of their own self and of others. The collapse of mentalization in the face of trauma entails a loss of awareness of the relationship between internal and external reality. The child is left with an alien experience within the self.
Laplanche understands the sexual trauma as a perverse seduction, in which the adult exploits the passive position of the child and the asymmetrical relationship. The child is left with an absence of meaning, which it cannot translate because the child is unaware of what sexuality is. Laplanche captures, in his theory, that psychic development does not proceed in a linear fashion – the notion of nachträglichkeit – and that sexuality and fantasy plays a crucial role in the development of the child’s psyche.
The thesis concludes that in order to understand a sexually traumatised child, a theory that includes the unconscious, sexuality and causality of deferred action must be applied. In a clinical setting, you must patiently listen to unravel how the child expresses their fantasies and psychic reality, since the unconscious of the child does not speak directly to us.
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 Type: Speciale
Alternativ titel: en psykoanalytisk undersøgelse af det seksuelle traume
Alternativ titel: Mentalization & Seduction
Alternativ titel: a psychoanalytic analysis of the sexual trauma
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Sprog: Danish - dan
 Datoer: 2013-04-26
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 Publiceringsinfo: København : Københavns Universitet
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 Type: Speciale
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