At oversætte G.K. Chesterton til dansk
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Alster, Elisabeth Nybo 1, Forfatter
Gottlieb, Henrik , Vejleder
1Det Humanistiske Fakultet, Københavns Universitet, København, Danmark, diskurs:7035              
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 Abstract: G.K. Chesterton’s spiritual and intellectual autobiography Orthodoxy (1908) is characterised by the author’s distinctive clear, humorous and paradoxical style as well as time- and culture-specific references. This makes the text interesting from the perspective of translation theory and causes difficulties for translation practitioners.
Orthodoxy was first translated into Danish in 1925 by Henning Kehler, who used a predominantly target-oriented global strategy with the purpose of communicating the religious and philosophical message of the text to a broad audience. His free strategies, such as cultural substitution, were controversial in the first part of the 20th century, and they are not acceptable according to contemporary translation norms.
This thesis presents a Danish retranslation of selected excerpts from Orthodoxy accompanied by a discussion in two parts. The first part is theoretical and deals with Nida’s equivalence, Toury’s norms, Vermeer’s skopos and retranslation theory. The second part is a comment on the new translation with special emphasis on the choice of translation purpose, intended audience, global strategy and local strategies for culture-specific and stylistic elements. The new translation is based on an interpretation of the source text which emphasises its status as a classic work with literary qualities and especially its cultural and historical dimension. In accordance with this interpretation and contemporary translation norms, the retranslation is predominantly source-oriented, and it is thus markedly different from the previous translation. The fact that the old translation is targetoriented whereas the new one is source-oriented is in accordance with the retranslation hypothesis.
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Alternativ titel: en genoversættelse af Orthodoxy
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Sprog: Danish - dan
 Datoer: 2013
 Sider: 143
 Publiceringsinfo: København : Københavns Universitet
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