Beskrivelse af kompostegenskaber, koliforme bakterier, samt velfærdsstudie i to løsdriftsstalde med komposterende træflismateriale: dansk pilotstudie
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Nielsen, Lars Jørgen Bang1, Forfatter
Klaas, Ilka Christine1, Vejleder
Ingmer, Hanne1, Vejleder
1Det Biovidenskabelige Fakultet, København, Danmark, diskurs:18              
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 Abstract: The purpose of this project was to describe two Danish compost dairy barns and the management of these in the winter 2011/2012. This was done through interviews, measurement of temperature and humidity as well as performing particle classification of the compost. The project also included a minor study on health and welfare of thecows, where hygiene was scored in areas of the tail head, flank, hind leg and udder and also hock lesions and lameness. Furthermore it was investigated how cultivation of the surface could affect the amount of coliform bacteria which were measured as the amount of E. coli- and K. pneumonia cfu/g, that have been found by laboratory analyzes in samples collected before and after cultivation. Temperature and humidity were measured in three depths in the compost on thirteen different locations and particle classification and collection of these samples on seven locations in the top layer of the compost.The cows were observed and scored by clinical systematic registration duringmilking and in the analysis divided by stall system and by the minimum of two observations. In the laboratory portion of this project 1:10 dilutions were used on two selective substrates by surface diffusion. The well recognized API20E test was used foridentification of the types of bacteria from morphology observed colonies. It was found that the temperature increased for each of the three depths and there might be large temperature variations for the same depth and also that the humidity seems to be varied, but within an average interval of [52%; 57%]. There was found no large changes in measured particle size over the period. Over the period it was not possible to conclude on stall systems based on the results inthe health and welfare study but a small indication of better hygiene was found in all of the four stall sections in the two herds. In the study concerning influence for cultivation of the compost bedded pack no significant difference was found in the numbers of cfu/g between the detected amountof E. coli- and K. pneumonia.
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 Type: Speciale
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Sprog: Danish - dan
 Datoer: 2012
 Sider: 113 pages
 Publiceringsinfo: København, Danmark : Institut for Produktionsdyr og Heste
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 Note: Veterinary Medicine, Veterinærmedicin
 Type: Speciale
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