Impact of information on consumers' preferences and stated willingness to pay estimates: empirical evidence from a choice experiment
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Abate, Tenaw Gedefaw1, Forfatter
Olsen, Søren Bøye1, Vejleder
Mørkbak, Morten Raun1, Vejleder
1Det Biovidenskabelige Fakultet, København, Danmark, diskurs:18              
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 Abstract: The main purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of two different pieces of information (namely instructional choice set and advanced awareness) on consumers? preferences and stated willingness to pay estimates for different chicken breast filet attributes. The study is supposed to have a noble contribution in bridging the research gap and it is also assumed to add up some insightful points on the existing very few literatures in this particular issues. To this end, a best suited economic valuation method for this specific case was applied i.e. the choice experiment. A split-sample design was employed and data were collected for three split samples through stratified random sampling. In order to address the objectives of the thesis, both descriptive and econometrics analysis were made. For the descriptive analysis, a simple Pearson?s Chi-squared test for identical distributions was employed. As to the econometrics analysis, both conditional and random parameters Logit models were used. The resultssuggest that there is a positive marginal willingness to pay for improvements for different attributes of chicken breast filet i.e. consumers revealed a positive marginal willingness to pay for improved food safety attributes and for organic (outdoors) production method. It was also found that instructional choice set and advance awareness do not result in a significant overall effect on consumers? choice behaviour and stated willingness to pay estimates. In undertaking a closer investigation on the effect of the two pieces of information on different socio-demographics groups, however, it is discovered that instructional choice set has had a significant effect in reducing the error variance for male and highly educated respondents.
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Sprog: English - eng
 Datoer: 2011
 Sider: 62 pages
 Publiceringsinfo: København, Danmark : Institute for Fødevareøkonomi
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 Note: The Master of Science Programme in Environmental and Natural Resource Economics, Environmental and Natural Resource Economics
 Type: Speciale
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