Bagsværd park: a master plan for the transformation of an industrial area in Gladsaxe municipality
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Halldórsson, Halldór Birgir1, Forfatter
Fridriksson, Sigurdur Fridgeir1, Forfatter
Lamm, Bettina1, Vejleder
1Det Biovidenskabelige Fakultet, København, Danmark, diskurs:18              
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 Abstract: A master plan for the transformation of an industrial area in Gladsaxe MunicipalityBecause of de-industrialization it is becoming increasinglycommon that industrial areas are lying unused creating a challengefor their surroundings because of inappropriate infrastructure,pollution etc.The purpose of this thesis is to examine how the sites heritagecan support the transformation and how the closed and limitedinfrastructure can be used as a foundation for a new and opengreen infrastructure. Sustainability will be considered in thetransformation process, regarding soil pollution and preservationof houses and infrastructureThe analysis show that the scrap metal yard is a very dominatingfigure on the site and it divides the area into three differentdistricts.This has a great negative effect on the infrastructure, as itlimits movement around the site.A large part of the site was a quarry some decades ago andhas now been filled up again with various waste, causing soiland groundwater pollution. This makes it expensiveand environmentallyirresponsible to build on those polluted locations.The studies on preservation show that the understanding ofcultural heritage and how it should be preserved is changing.Before, the general tendency was to preserve only architecturalmonuments and a common method was to restore thebuildings to their original state without consideration to theircurrent use or surroundings.Many experts are now beginning to question this method ofpreservation and some of them are quoted in the theory chapterof this project.Some of the main aspects taken into consideration in theproposal, are good access to public transport and highway,closeness to nature and recreation areas and a central greenarea which allows activities and will work as a central nerve forthe area.The main structural elements of the proposal are a new publicpark and a promenade trough the area. The park is a greenlung providing the areas residents and those who work in thearea with space for recreation. The promenade cuts righttrough the whole area and opens up the existing closed infrastructure.It connects all parts of the area and ensures flowbetween Bagsværd center and the nature area, Smørmosen.
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 Type: Speciale
Alternativ titel: Bagsværd park: helhedsplan for omdannelse af et erhvervskvarte i Gladsaxe kommune
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Sprog: English - eng
 Datoer: 2009
 Sider: 81 pages
 Publiceringsinfo: København, Danmark : Skov & Landskab
 Indholdsfortegnelse: -
 Note: Landscape Architecture, Landskabsarkitekt
 Type: Speciale
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