Renal assessement in the Bernese mountain dog
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Aronsson, Mia1, Forfatter
Persson, Elina1, Forfatter
Thuri Kristensen, Annmarie1, Vejleder
Nielsen, Lise1, Vejleder
McEvoy, Fintan1, Vejleder
1Det Biovidenskabelige Fakultet, København, Danmark
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 Abstract: German scientific literature describes a familial glomerulonephropathy in the Bernese Mountain dog (BMD) and dogs suffering from this disease presents with a markedproteinuria. Malignant Histiocytosis (MH) is a common finding in the BMD and the literature describes a correlation between neoplasia and proteinuria. In Denmark there have not been anystudies on these diseases in the BMD.The aim of this study was to investigate whether there exist a familial glomerulonephropathy in the Danish BMD population and if there was a correlation between MHand proteinuria in BMD. Also, we establish a reference interval for the urine protein creatinine ratio (UP:C) in BMDs aged four to six years.30 BMDs aged between four and six years, half of which came from families with a history of neoplasia, were screened for MH in the autumn of 2007. The dogs were screened by use of physical examination, complete blood work, urine analysis, thoracic x-ray and abdominal ultrasound. Proteinuria was measured using the UP:C in which creatinine wasmeasured using an enzymatic method. Parameters were investigated using a multivariate analysis and linear correlations in SAS 9.1.No dogs in the study were diagnosed or highly suspected of suffering from familial glomerulonephropathy or MH and no correlation was found between a family history of MH andthe level of proteinuria. Most of the dogs had an UP:C between 0.5 and 1.0, the UP:C mean being 0.80±0.41.Dogs with a family history of MH does not present with a higher level of proteinuria as compared to dogs without such a history. The relatively high UP:C values found in themajority of the dogs could be explained by a relatively high age (mean 63.0±10.1 months) in the dogs examined or possibly with the presence of a slowly progressive sub clinical chronic kidney disease (CKD).
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Sprog: English - eng
 Datoer: 2008
 Sider: 71 pages
 Publiceringsinfo: København, Danmark : Institut for Mindre Husdyrs Sygdomme
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 Note: Veterinary Medicine, Veterinærmedicin
 Type: Speciale
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