Constraints and options to conserve biodiversity in Morrocoy National Park-Venezuela
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Garcia, Aleandro Rafael Ceballos1, Forfatter
Nathan, Iben1, Vejleder
Sauberborn, Joachim1, Vejleder
1Det Biovidenskabelige Fakultet, København, Danmark
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 Abstract: Biodiversity is essential for the existence of life on Earth. There are many Biodiversity functions that keep the balance on earth and maintain us alive. For example: recycling of nutrients, introduction of solar energy into our world through photosynthesis, etc. all these functions keep the balance of our ecosystems. Since the 1950s the world has experience an exacerbate loss of biodiversity and the rates are currently increasing. This situation is especially severe in tropical regions where there is very high biodiversity and the loss of habitats is faster. As a reaction against this situation, in 1992 191 nations have agreed to conserve biodiversity. This year took place the United Nations Conference on environment and development, leading to a series of actions aiming to stop the loss of biodiversity. However the results have not been the expected. The rates of lost of biodiversity are increasing continuously. Therefore it is fundamental to identify the problems affecting the implementation of these international actions against loss of biodiversity. This study used the case study of the Morrocoy National Park in Venezuela. This is a tropical protected area with an increase in loss of biodiversity in the recent times. The study evaluates the implementation of the articles: 5 and 13 of the Convention on Biological Diversity in the National Park. The factors measured were (i) awareness of the tourists and local community in the park regarding biodiversity conservation and their opinions about the performance of the local authorities to conserve biodiversity. Furthermore the level national and international cooperation against loss of biodiversity is assessed by consulting the organizations working in the park and their projects. The public awareness and the international cooperation were chosen, as principal elements in this study due to their importance for the conservation of biodiversity in this national park. The results showed a significant lack of public awareness and a lack of national and international cooperation to conserve biodiversity, and this leads to an increment of loss of biodiversity in Morrocoy National Park.
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Sprog: English - eng
 Datoer: 2009
 Sider: 120 pages
 Publiceringsinfo: København, Danmark : Skov & Landskab
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 Note: Agricultural Development, Agricultural Development
 Type: Speciale
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