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Bunnage, Martine 1, Forfatter
Nissen, Morten2, Vejleder
1Det Samfundsvidenskabelige Fakultet, Københavns Universitet, København, Danmark, diskurs:7001              
2Institut for Psykologi, Det Samfundsvidenskabelige Fakultet, Københavns Universitet, København, Danmark, diskurs:7012              
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 Abstract: The aim of this thesis is to get closer to an understanding of the way depression is socially constructed through the interplay between the actions of patients, their doctors and through the discourses about illness. My interviews with seven depressed adults provide an opportunity to emphasise the perspective of the depressed, which is often overlooked in the litterature on depression. The experiences of the depressed then become the starting point for a materialistconstructionist analysis of the way depression is lived and thereby performed socially. With inspiration from the materialist-constructionist framework, I focus on the way the individual’s actions articulate the illness by ordering and shaping the world in which they engage. The performance of depression is in this thesis understood as a combination of both discursive and nondiscursive elements. The perspective blurs the distinction between the individual’s physical/emotional experience and her rational understanding of depression. The experience a d expression of emotions or bodily disturbances are seen as part of the aesthetic and coherent performance of depression. I discuss the influence of the scientific and of the individual focus on specific symptoms in the construction of depression as a disease - as opposed to considering the discomfort as a temporary disturbance to the normal functioning of the individual. This is seen in connection with the presented narratives, which are found to reflect the clinical thinking in terms of diagnosis, prognosis and treatment. The depressed person’s understanding of her illness is given form by themedical/clinical discourse and thus by the routines in the clinical practise. The common conceptual distinction between the light and the severe depression seems to play a particularly important role in the shaping of the individual’s experience and performance of her illness. The informant’s stories reflect how the diagnosis of severe depression, or even just the reference to this diagnosis by the doctor’s prescriptio of antidepressants, is crucial to the person’s identity and actions. Due to the status of severe depression as biological and incurable, the severely depressed person performs the actions of her everyday life in the light of her identity as cronically ill. During the thesis I display an understanding of the experience of depressive symptoms placed in context of people’s lives. As depression is most common among women, I discuss how the embodied actions of a woman’s everyday (and working-) life activates discourses about femininity. I point out that the discourses about the happy family with a good, caring and hard-working mother or wife is an unattainable goal in the lives of the informants. I also consider how their inability tu fulfil this role influences their personal wellbeing.
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Alternativ titel: om fremførelsen og oplevelsen af depressive symptomer
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 Datoer: 2001-07
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 Publiceringsinfo: København : Københavns Universitet
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